Company's Profile

We introduce ourselves as an ethical, scientific based pharmaceutical company committed to manufacturing and marketing in the Indian and International markets. Inocta Pharmaceuticals, a name that is symbolic of मानव सेवा… राष्ट्र सेवा…, has established a strong presence through our dedicated service.

At Inocta Pharmaceuticals, we accomplish our mission through our innovative products and strict quality management system, which also reveals our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Every day we are constantly focusing on our vision by manufacturing and marketing a range of quality medicines at affordable prices so that we can keep our society glowing.

Inocta Pharmaceuticals has a particularly strong presence in the anti-infective, pain, gynaecological, paediatric, respiratory and gastro-enterology segments. Our well-trained field personnel meet qualified doctors and retail pharmacists across India with each passing year.Our team, through its constant commitment to fulfilling every individual’s changing medical needs, is driven to spreading miles of smiles worldwide and keeping the society glowing.


Inocta Pharmaceuticals sees its role as change agent by manufacturing, marketing and distributing therapeutically effective medicines at affordable prices; thus making health a viable choice for the millions across the world.Inocta Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to the creation and supply of innovative medicines.


To spread the glow of good health & relieve human sufferings with quality healthcare services across the globe.As a company, Inocta Pharmaceuticals is deeply committed to fulfilling the vision of a healthy, glowing world population by positioning itself as a strong and capable player in both national and international markets, maintaining the highest levels of operational excellence across all its activities.